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Our Philosophy

At Bridgetown Recovery we are dedicated to changing the lives of those who suffer from chemical dependency. We believe that addiction is a biological illness that requires empathy, dedication and a multidisciplinary approach in order to create lasting change.

Our medical treatment team consists of both psychiatrists who specialize in addiction medicine and internal medicine physicians who apply an evidence-based treatment approach to address substance dependence.

Our providers clearly understand the connection between untreated mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and the impact they have on chemical dependence. Bridgetown Recovery is dedicated to providing comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment to our clients.

Addiction does not discriminate and impacts individuals from all walks of life. We offer clients the opportunity to obtain stability in a supportive and highly professional environment.

In addition to our chemical dependency program, we offer comprehensive treatment for most mental health concerns including medication management, group and individual therapy, couples therapy and pain management.