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Chemical Dependency

At Bridgetown Recovery we pride ourselves in providing comprehensive chemical dependency treatment. Group and individual therapy are crucial elements in your recovery and participation in these activities is an expectation.

Bridgetown Recovery does not feel that medication management alone will translate to lasting recovery and therefore we provide a true recovery model.

Bridgetown Recovery provides a high level of care with both ABAM certified doctors and highly specialized addiction counselors.

What does it mean to be an ABAM-certified physician?

Physicians certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine have the knowledge and skills to provide prevention, screening, intervention and treatment related to drug use disorders and addictions. These addictions can be to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, including illicit drugs and prescription medications. In addition, these physicians can recognize and treat the psychological and physical complications of addiction.

The American Board of Addiction Medicine certificate is recognized as signifying excellence in the practice of Addiction Medicine. It demonstrates that a doctor has met vigorous standards through intensive study, assessment, and evaluation. Certification is designed to assure the public that a medical specialist has successfully completed an approved educational program and an evaluation, including a secure examination designed to assess the knowledge, experience, and skills requisite to the provision of high quality patient care.